Friday, May 10, 2013

My First Blog

I am sitting at my computer, wrapped snugly in my super soft leopard print fleece blanket, attempting to write my very first blog post, ever! I look to my right:  haphazardly stacked envelopes addressed to friends and family await my final postage stamp of approval. Later today they will be sent out, snail mail style, informing their recipients of my mission for this summer. *Cue Secret Agent Man!*

The task is difficult and daring, but the pay off is worth the risk! I will need all my wits about me as I attempt to do what only the most brave, or possibly the most insane, musicians dare. My task is this: to teach kids in Madrid, Spain ranging from 4-14 years old a short, 20-25 minute rendition of Les Miserables within two weeks while displaying Christlike love and patience. The stakes are high, and I will need a lot of help from HQ in order to accomplish the task! First, I'll need tactical support. The Enemy will be working double time to make sure our team falls apart, but with your help, I have confidence we can pull through. Pray daily and diligently for everyone involved as we attempt this feat! Second, I'll need funds. This operation, all totaled, will probably cost around $2500. If you'd like to help in this way, click here:

I'll send updates your way as I receive them. This is Lydia Moore, ending my first blog post ever.

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  1. Yay! We reached the $2500 goal! (And she's now in Spain.)